The Spirit Warriors studio is located in our historical home in Hollywood, Florida and is open to the Community for spiritual events, holistic classes, conscious workshops, yoga, and other healthy endeavors.

The journey of the Spirit Warrior begins by awakening that potential within ourselves in order to better help those around us.  Spirit Warriors is committed to nurturing our community’s highest potential, beginning with YOU– whether you are looking for personal enrichment and self-healing, or you have a class or workshop you’d like to offer.

Our vision is to promote peace of mind, happiness, mutual acceptance and respect.  We would like to facilitate the building of strong social connections among like-minded people of our local community who could use a break from the stress and madness of the modern-day world and the illusion of the reality of sensory experience, in favor of a vibration more ancient– that serves your higher self and the conscious collective.

Spirit Warriors is a space for sharing, learning and listening, where we can all unite and become one.

Mi casa es tu casa.

Guadalupe Rios, Founder

Prem Sandesh, Co-Founder